The Voice of the Martyrs is reporting in its August 1, 2006 e-mail newsletter that four prominent church leaders in the Sichuan province of China have been formally sentenced to two years “re-education through labor,” after having been arrested and beaten in June of 2006.

(China Aid Association)On July 25th, four well-known house-church leaders in Sichuan were formally sentenced to two years “re-education through labor.” In the labor camp they usually have to work 12-18 hours a day. According to eyewitness reports, on the morning of June 27, 2006, house-church leaders Li Ming, Wang Yuan, Li Mingbo and Jin Jirong went to reason with the police concerning an earlier arrest of 14 believers. Witnesses report the men were brutally beaten and then taken to a detention house instead of a hospital.

(VOM sources)

August 4th a team of Christians will be meeting with Chinese President, President Hu Jintao in Beijing to ask for more religious access and religious freedom for the Chinese. They have already met with Chinese Ambassador Zhou in Washington D.C. with this request.

Pray the Chinese Christians in prison will be a bright light in the spiritual darkness around them. Pray they will lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray the authorities will relent of the severe punishment they ordered and will shorten the time of their sentences. Pray also for the team visiting the President of China. Pray they will have discernment and wisdom as they speak. Pray our Lord will give President Hu ears to hear. Mark your calendars for August 1st to begin praying for this team. Be in prayer all day on the 3rd as it will be August 4th in Beijing.