is reporting that the Indonesian government is planning to execute three Christians for involvement in a “religious conflict.” Hundreds of muslims involved in the same conflict are being granted amnesty. During the conflict, approximately ten thousand Christians adults and a thousand Christian children were murdered, according to the ICC, including a number of beheadings. No muslims have been charged. Indonesia has a long record of atrocity in the realm of religious partisanship.

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Indonesian Government Targets Christians

Three Christians in Indonesia are scheduled to be executed for involvement in a religious conflict, while hundreds of Muslims received amnesty for the same crimes.

Muslims and Christians around the city of Poso were involved in the conflict between 1998 and 2003. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), during that period of time entire Christian villages were attacked with government munitions and burned down using Indonesian government fuel trucks. Adults and children were beheaded in the Muslim-initiated attacks.

Jeff King, president of ICC, said approximately 10,000 Christians were murdered and 1,000 churches were burned, yet no Muslims were ever charged in the attacks.

“There are so many Muslims in the Poso area with blood on their hands,” he said. “The Governor of Central Sulawesi, where Poso is located, recently conveyed to the community that in order to attain peace, it was necessary to implement ‘general amnesty’ for those implicated.”

The offer of general amnesty has not been offered to the Christians charged in the conflict, only to Muslims who have not been charged.