The Voice of the Martyrs is reporting in its August 8, 2006 e-mail newsletter that the Chinese police have raided a Sunday school teacher’s training class.  90 children and 40 adults were in attendence when the police broke in and caused havoc, confiscating equipment and detaining various people.

The full article is below.

 (China Aid Association)
On the morning of July 27th, a Sunday school teacher’s training class in Wangxi Production Group, Gengwang Zhuang, Tong Xu Village; Huainan City, Anhui Province was attacked by the local national security guard squad. Based on eyewitness information, some Christians, including 90 children (age 9-16), and 40 adults, were attending a summer Bible teacher’s training class in the home of Li Lizhong, a villager in Anhui Province, when the local police suddenly attacked them. The party branch secretary of the village, went to Li Lizhong’s house with another village cadre member. They scouted the training class on the pretext of examining “family planning,” and left. A half hour later, more than 40 village cadre members and a squad of the National Security Guarder stormed into the village and surrounded Li’s house. Under the pretext that the training class was disturbing the peace, the police swarmed the house. Some church equipment was carried away. In the whole process, the police did not show a search warrant or any legal certificate. All the children were released after registering their names and other personal information. More than 40 adults were taken to the police station and all were released at 3:00 a.m. the next morning, except for two, Pastor Li Lizhong and Sister Cai Yili, who were sentenced to 15 days administrative custody.