A Florida abortion clinic has been shut down due to a botched infanticide.  A woman went in to kill her 23-week old son (legal in Florida), but the abortion clinic seems to have botched the job.  Apprarently the baby’s mother came in the day after the attempted murder complaining of stomache pains.  She gave birth to her baby boy, who died of complications soon thereafter.  Investigators are looking into the homicide.

The full article is below.

Florida Abortion Clinic Shut Down

An abortion clinic has closed its doors after allegations that a woman gave birth at the clinic after a botched abortion, The Miami Herald reported.

An 18-year-old woman reportedly visited the A GYN Diagnostic Center abortion clinic in July. Officials say the woman, who was 23-weeks pregnant, underwent an abortion procedure. The next day, she returned complaining of severe stomach pain. Soon after arriving, she gave birth to a baby boy weighing almost three pounds. He did not survive.

After receiving a report that the clinic was holding the body of a baby, police investigated twice. During the second visit — nine days after the birth — the body was found in a biohazard bag.

Florida health officials revoked the clinic’s license at a city-council meeting Tuesday. Officials will continue to investigate to determine if a crime was committed.

Mark Overton, deputy police chief in Hialeah, said an autopsy has been performed, but the results have not been released.

“The State Attorney’s office is still reviewing the case, along with the medical examiner,” he said. “We are awaiting test results. Once they are back, they will be making a decision on what charges will be filed, if any.”