is reporting that a federal judge has issued an order requiring the Georgia Institute of Technology to cease and desist in its practice of discriminating against Christians. The college had prohibited two Christian students from expressing their faith because the university bans speech deemed to be “intolerant.”

Thank God for sound-thinking of judges.

The full article is below.

August 16, 2006

Freedom of Speech Gains Protection at Georgia College

A federal judge has issued an order abolishing restrictive speech codes at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Two Christian students involved in the case were denied the opportunity to express their faith because the university bans speech deemed “intolerant.” The Center for Academic Freedom at the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) agreed to intervene.

The order from the court will replace the school’s current speech code with one that respects students’ constitutional rights to free speech. David French, senior legal counsel for ADF, said officials at Georgia Tech have agreed to the terms of the new order, which prohibit the university from changing its new student speech policy without court approval for the next five years.

“Universities are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas,” French said. “Officials at Georgia Tech had been enforcing draconian speech codes that prohibited any kind of student speech they deemed to be ‘intolerant.’ This is a tremendous victory for free speech.

“The First Amendment applies to all students on campus, including religious students and students who hold conservative political beliefs. We are glad that we reached a mutually agreeable settlement with the university that respects and protects the fundamental right to free speech.”

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