is reporting that citizens in Topeka, Kansas have successfully lobbied Kansas to uphold its anti-obscenity laws. 

Good job, Kansasianites(?)!

The full article is below.

August 14, 2006

Kansas Porn Indictments Made Possible by Involved Citizens

Five Topeka, Kan., businessmen have been indicted on and pleaded not guilty to charges of violating Kansas obscenity laws. All own “adult” businesses in the Kansas capital, which range in name from “Some Like it Hot” to “After Dark Video” to “Sensations.”

The indictments came because a coalition of Topeka ministers gathered more than 3,000 signatures from registered voters — enough to force Shawnee County prosecutors to convene a grand jury.

But the prosecutions were possible because of changes the Kansas Legislature made to state obscenity law. The tougher statute, which took effect on July 1, was also the result of a citizen’s campaign.

Pat Trueman, former head of the Justice Department’s war against pornography, said this is exactly the kind of citizen involvement needed to put an end to obscenity.

“If you have porn shops or stores that sell pornography in you community, do what these people – and others across the country – have done: organize and take action to control your community,” Trueman said.

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