Voice of the Martyrs is reporting in their August 15, 2006 e-mail newsletter that Egyptian Authorities are holding seven Christian men that were ordered released months ago. 

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(Compass Direct)
Authorities in Alexandria have detained seven Christian men without charge since a fatal knife attack on churches there last April triggered two days of violence. Alexandrian Christians plan to sue the country’s Interior Ministry for the men’s release, as well as for compensation for Christian-owned shops and Orthodox churches that were damaged during the unrest. Hesham Azmy Iskender was among 101 Christians and Muslims who were originally detained. Over the following month, police released most of the prisoners. However, they have continued to renew the imprisonment of Iskender and six other Christians, even after the prosecutor general issued orders for the release of all the detainees in May.

Pray God will move in His merciful power to secure the release of these seven prisoners. Pray Christians in Egypt will know the inner peace that comes from forgiving their enemies. Pray Muslim officials in Egypt will turn to the One who can save their souls.