CitizenLink – News Briefs – Study Finds Abstinence-Only Education Prevents Disease

Contrary to the message being touted at the International AIDS Conference this week, a University of Pennsylvania study has found that abstinence-only education is the most effective way to reduce health risks associated with sexual activity, LifeSite reported.

The conference, being held in Toronto, has deemed condoms to be the solution to preventing the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. But the Pennsylvania study — following 662 African-American children in grades 6 and 7 — found those who had completed abstinence-only instruction were less likely to have had sexual intercourse two years later than peers who were taught “safe-sex” practices such as condom use.

Some AIDS activists argue that those who receive abstinence-only education are less likely to use condoms when they do become sexually active. The University of Pennsylvania study found that abstinence-only education did not affect the rates at which teens used condoms.

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