Delays and lollygagging continue for Presidential judicial nominees — going on 6 years.

CitizenLink – Top Stories – Once Again No Action Taken on President’s Appellate Nominees

September 29, 2006Once Again No Action Taken on President’s Appellate Nominees
by Pete Winn, associate editor

Time runs out and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee fail to show up — in more ways than one. The Senate’s top courts panel met today for the last time before Congress recesses to prepare for the November elections. No action was taken on the president’s long-waiting appeals-court nominees.

Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action, matter-of-factly analyzed what the Senate Judiciary Committee did not do.

“Not all the Republicans showed up,” he said. “And the Democrats only agreed to cooperate in sending several district-court judges out of the committee on a voice vote, while failing to advance even a single court-of-appeals judge.”

But Hausknecht, like many pro-family conservatives, is angry at the “wasted opportunity.”

“It is utterly astounding that we would have gone through the month of September, with all of the delays, all of the failures to show up to even meet a quorum,” he said, “and get down to the last day before the Senate recesses for the month of October — and we still cannot move a single one of the appellate-court nominees whose nominations have been hanging in the balance for the last several years.”

In the case of Judge Terrence Boyle, the wait to find out if he will even receive an up-or-down vote has already lasted five years.

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