From (a Focus on the Family site): Gay-Activist Group: ‘AIDS is a Gay Disease’

October 4, 2006

Gay-Activist Group: ‘AIDS is a Gay Disease’

Ad campaign runs counter to usual messaging.

In a surprising reversal to the usual gay-activist messaging, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center has launched a campaign proclaiming “AIDS is a gay disease. Own it. End it.” Some conservative groups are applauding, but homosexual groups are in an uproar.

Tristan Hanscom, a spokesman for a gay group called End the Hate, expressed surprise at the messaging.

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The reason this is such a peculiar turn of events is that when AIDS was first recognized, it was seen to be a primarily homosexual issue.  As a matter of fact, it was originally called GRID (before it was called AIDS) which stands for Gay-Related Immunity Deficiency.  Because of stigma about it (not that the disease had a stigma, but homosexuality did), there was a largely cohesive movement on the part of the homosexual populace and their supporters to untie the mental bond between homosexuality and GRID from the public mind.  As such, it was renamed from GRID to AIDS, and a series of publicity efforts tried to forever dissever the tie.

Well, since that time it turns out that AIDS research has gone mainstream and the homosexual populace is benefitting less from the research than they otherwise may have.  This has caused this Los Angeles group to try to undo what was done before and bring focus back to the homosexual population affected by HIV/AIDS.

Please pray for everyone with HIV/AIDS, and  pray especially that those suffering from HIV/GRID (here I’m simply differentiating between HIV/AIDS contracted by non-homosexual means and HIV/AIDS contracted by homosexual behavior), that they be healed from the harrowing effects of both this unfortunate disease and of their homosexuality.