From the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) newsletter:

Did you know Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report (according to the most recent available reporting statistics) shows that almost a third of the organization’s $810 million in total revenue ($265.2 million) came from ”Government Grants and Contracts”?

This means your hard-earned tax dollars – and mine – are flowing straight into the coffers of the largest abortion promoter and provider in the United States.

You and I must work together to end this travesty of justice! Join the ACLJ’s nationwide campaign by adding your name to our PETITION TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD to your two U.S. Senators NOW.

The ACLJ is determined to STOP Planned Parenthood’s brutal use of our tax dollars – by standing in support of brand-new legislation by Senator David Vitter – calling for an end to government funding of Planned Parenthood. But we must have your help to do it!

We want to flood the halls of Congress with TENS OF THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of petitions from concerned citizens – like you. You will make a difference.

Technically, of course, the organization (America’s #1 abortion ”provider” by far) is barred from using federal funds to perform abortions.

But the fact is, Planned Parenthood also has outrageous marketing schemes designed to entice new victims into their centers … including teens!

To think that law-abiding Christian citizens can faithfully fill out the tax forms and loyally pay their taxes – and then have the United States government (not to mention several state governments) hand that money over to the abortion industry …

Frankly, this is repugnant to me.

I hope it is to you as well.

We are calling upon every member of the ACLJ like you to participate in our nationwide campaign and to do so without delay, because Congress will return to session in Washington very soon. Stand with us today! Add your name to our PETITION TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD now!

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