From “The Voice of the Martyrs

Arrest of Hindu Extremist Leads to Retaliation – Compass Direct
On December 5, police in Honavar, a coastal town in Karnataka state, arrested a member of the Hindu extremist group Bajrang Dal for assaulting a Christian evangelist. Later that day, when Mayaeshak Baila, was waiting for a bus after attending a prayer meeting, a Bajrang Dal member spoke to him and asked him extensively about his activities. “When he realized I was a Christian, he slapped and hit me with his fists on my face and head,” Baila said. “Then he threw me down on the road and continuously kicked me on my ribs, stomach and back.” Also that same day, two other Bajrang Dal members assaulted Joseph Lopes and Agnel Dias, who were visiting Christian homes in Honavar village. Pray the Christians will show the reality of Jesus’ love as they demonstrate His spirit of forgiveness. Romans 12: 19-21