The German state is increasingly suppressing the rights of parents in educational matters. The German legislators and courts are trying to re-implement Hitler’s “The State is a Loving Parent” policy — there have even been such extreme cases as recent attempts to mandate pre-school for all children of at least 3 years old. Why? So that, by being separated from the mother, the child can grow up under the guidance of the state to be healthier and a better citizen (how do you spell “khmer rogue?”). In another case, a family is being threatened with loss of custody because they have homeschooled their 15-year-old daughter who wasn’t doing well in public school. Check out this page for more important information.

Just read it.

Call your German Embassy (it does make a difference!): 202-298-4000 Tell them this is a travesty and that you are strongly opposed to it!

This is important to Americans! According to the constitution, ratified treaties have the weight of the law of the land, so that if a treaty with Germany requires restrictions on its allies with regards to this, then they have the right (under our constitution) to enforce it! BEWARE THIS DANGER AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT NOW.

Pray about this!