Open Doors UK and Ireland told BosNewsLife that, “Contrary to the British Government’s 2006 Human Rights Report, which states that ’Christians [in Eritrea] are allowed to preach the Gospel as long as they do not criticize the government or its policies’, two Eritrean Christians were tortured to death after being arrested for holding a religious service in a private home.”In addition over 2,000 Christians “are under arrest in police stations, military camps and jails across the country. In many cases, police authorities are subjecting the detained Christians to beatings and other physical mistreatment,” said the group, which supports Christians persecuted for their faith..

Open Doors UK and Ireland made the comments as its revealed more details about its recently released World Watch List of what it claims are the 50 countries with “the worst” situation for Christians.

North Korea is leading the list after Open Doors said it “uncovered information which indicates that more Christians were arrested in 2006 than in 2005, with an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 Christians currently suffering in prison camps.” Many of them are said to have been tortured. “Others are putting their lives at risk by trying to flee to China,” the group stressed. At least some Christians are known to have been executed in recent months, BosNewsLife monitored.