Delaware Lawmakers Vote to Fund Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Delaware senators approved legislation last week that would commit taxpayer money to destructive research on early human life, The News Journal reported.

Under Senate Bill 5, in vitro fertilization clinics would donate embryos said to be slated for destruction. Scientists would harvest their stem cells for research, destroying them in the process.

Democratic Sen. Robert Vernables, sponsor of SB 5, said his motive is simple.

“It’s only to try to alleviate the pain and suffering from some of those diseases that all of us have seen take lives,” he said.

Carrie Gordon Earll, senior analyst for bioethics for Focus on the Family Action, said Delaware lawmakers would do better to put tax dollars into alternatives that do not destroy human life.

“That’s a solid scientific and moral investment,” she said. “Stem cells derived from non-embryonic sources continue to treat patients today, plus offer hope for more treatments tomorrow. The same cannot be said of destructive embryonic stem-cell research.”

Everyone agrees that the goals are cures for disease and treatment for injury, Earll said.

“The question is, what kind of people will we become in the process?” she asked. “As a civilized society, we don’t have to sacrifice some human life in order to help others.”