Time to Skip TV and Get Out of the House
from staff reports

Event encourages people to take control of technology.

If your house has more TVs than people, maybe it’s time to participate in
TV Turn Off Week, April 23-29.

In 1985 there were about 18 TV channels to choose from; now Nielsen Media reports the average home pulls in 104.

Gary Holmes, a spokesman for Nielsen, said there’s no way anyone can watch them all.

“What we found was the average viewer watching about 16 channels,” he said. “They tend to stick to what they know and they like.”

Robert Kesten, executive director of the Center for Screen-Time Awareness, said TV is the reason most people probably know more about Anna Nicole Smith than they do about their neighbors.

He said it’s time to make a conscious effort to break the addiction.

“We’re trying to encourage people to change their lifestyle,” he said, and to “re-engage in their communities and reinvest in their families.”

To learn more about TV Turn Off Week, visit the Center for Screen-Time Awareness Web site .