CitizenLink: Christian Group Regains Right to Share Literature:


Christian Group Regains Right to Share Literature

A California district court granted a preliminary injunction to the group Jews for Jesus that allows it to resume distributing literature in a public park, the Christian Post reported.

Cyril Gordon, a member of the Christian organization, was arrested last May for passing out information at an Israel Independence Day event being held at Los Angeles’ Woodley Park. Gordon and other members were outside of a fenced area that housed the event.

The court ruled: “First Amendment rights to distribute literature outside the Festival must be respected, regardless of any protest by Festival organizers.”

Frederick Nelson, attorney for the American Liberties Institute, said he is pleased the Court recognized the police had wrongly arrested Gordon.

“We are glad that the judge saw this for what it was: content-based discrimination,” Nelson said.

Nelson called the ruling a “major victory for fee speech” for all groups that want to proclaim their faith.