CitizenLink: Disney Offers Commitment Ceremonies for Gays:


Disney Offers Commitment Ceremonies for Gays

from staff reports

Spokesman says the company is just trying to be”‘inclusive.”

The Walt Disney Co. that made fairy tales famous is now offering make-believe weddings for same-sex couples, despite the fact that most will go home to states that ban the practice.

Disney execs began talking about allowing “commitment” ceremonies under their wedding packages, after a same-sex couple complained. Donn Walker, a spokesman for Disney Parks and Resorts, said the theme-park giant is just trying to be “inclusive” and make every guest feel “welcome and respected.” 

“We certainly are very aware that not everyone is going to agree with this,” he told Family News in Focus. “We’re not trying to change anyone’s mind here, and we don’t believe that it’s our place to make judgments about people or guests or groups of guests.”

For years, the Christian Action Network has worked to expose Disney’s Gay Days, which take place in June.  Jason Campbell, the group’s media director, said the latest development is just the icing on the cake.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “It’s blatantly targeting families.”