CitizenLink: World Bank Official Angers Abortion Advocates:


World Bank Official Angers Abortion Advocates

from staff reports

Liberals worry that family planning funds may dry up.

For years, the World Bank has pushed liberal family planning schemes, including access to condoms and abortion, on Third World countries as part of its international development plans.
“In the last, oh, 15 or 20 years, the bank has gradually expanded its interventions into the health sector in the borrowing countries,” Beatrice Edwards, international program director of the liberal Government Accountability Project in Washington, D.C., told Family News in Focus.

The World Bank lends more than $20 billion a year to developing countries.

The bank has financed condom distribution and abortion facilities, but the agency is beginning to chart a new course under the guidance of Juan Jose Daboub, managing director and former minister of finance in El Salvador.

“He has directed at least one country strategy team for Madagascar in Africa to strip out references to family planning in the country assistance document,” Edwards said.

Thomas Jacobson, representative to the United Nations for Focus on the Family Action, said Daboub deserves a medal because “it’s entirely inappropriate for the World Bank to be forcing these policies upon countries. That is an abuse of the power of the World Bank, abuse of the funds given by the United States and other countries.”