CitizenLink: Girl Who Sought to Be Prom King Loses:


Girl Who Sought to Be Prom King Loses

Classmates did not support a Fresno, Calif., girl who ran for prom king – instead electing a boy to the role.

Cinthia Covarrubias, a senior at Fresno High School, considers herself to be transgender. She ran for prom king, she said, to break the barrier for future transgender students.

Deana Giles, whose daughter attended the prom, said in a world of political correctness, some things should be left as they are.

“Tradition is tradition. Girls are prom queens, boys are prom kings,” she told The Fresno Bee.

Covarrubias put her own agenda ahead of the rest of the school, Giles said, and in doing so put them all “in an awkward position.”

Michael Martin, a junior at the school, did not vote for Covarrubias.

“She should not have run,” he said. “It’s creepy.”