In a bizzare move, a cult (of who-knows-what god) in Indiana has put up a number of billboards with odd scripture-twistings that try to justify sin.  Particularly sad is the defamation of character of two most excellent women of the Bible, Ruth and Naomi.

CitizenLink: Indianapolis Billboards Claim the Bible Affirms Homosexuality:


Indianapolis Billboards Claim the Bible Affirms Homosexuality

from staff reports

Signs are sponsored by gay-affirming church.

A pro-gay billboard campaign in Indiana attempts to use the Bible as a basis for supporting homosexuality.

The 22 signs in Indianapolis are sponsored by Jesus Metropolitan Community Church and Faith in America. Pastor Jeff Miner described one of the billboards that proclaims, “Ruth Loved Naomi as Adam Loved Eve.”

“Most people probably have no idea that the Bible does contain a number of powerfully affirming passages toward gay people,” he told Family News in Focus.

Another billboard recasts the story of the Roman centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant and claims “Jesus Affirmed a Gay Couple.”

“The (Greek) word that the Roman centurion uses to describe this sick person is ‘pais,’ ” Miner said, “which is precisely the word that was used in ancient Greek to refer to one’s same-sex partner.”

Joe Dallas, author of The Gay Gospel, a book debunking such twisting of Scripture, took issue with the claims.

“You really have to do mental gymnastics to do this,” he said.

Dallas explained there’s nothing in the Bible that suggests the relationship between Ruth and Naomi was anything other than a deep friendship. And Greek lexicons render the word “pais” as simply a servant or a child, not a same-sex partner.

“It shows a certain mindset,” Dallas said, “when someone cannot read about two people loving each other without assuming that the love was sexual.”

Joe Dallas’ book, The Gay Gospel, sheds light on the misleading theology that being actively gay and Christian are compatible.