ORISSA STATE – On 17 April, more than 15 Hindu extremists in the Cuttack District of Orissa state stopped evangelists on a village road, verbally abused and forcibly took them to a village temple to perform a “reconversion” Hinduism ritual. According to sources, the evangelists were witnessing, and distributing New Testaments and gospel tracts. When chaos broke out, the extremists took the evangelists to the police who put them in jail for the night and confiscated more than 30 New Testaments and gospel tracts. The items were later returned and the evangelists were released the next day.

ANDRA PRADESH – A mob of Hindu extremists attacked Pastor David and a team of women evangelists led by Sister Sarita when they were returning from witnessing in Chittoor District in Andra Pradesh State. According to contacts, “as believers completed distributing literature, Hindu extremists first started beating the pastor and then assaulted the ladies sitting in the car. Some Muslim women joined the attack and started verbally abusing the women. They asked Sister Sarita why she was working to convert people to Christianity and yet she looked Muslim.” The extremists burned all the Christian literature.

MAHARASHTRA – Two Christian leaders were attacked and severely beaten by Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad extremists in Maharashtra. According to local media reports, the extremists alleged the leaders were converting Hindus to Christianity. “It’s highly shameful. It’s as if the Bajrang Dal just does not understand the concept of law and order,” congress leader Rajiv Shukla told local media. The government has committed to finding the perpetrators and giving them the strongest punishment possible.

from Voice of the Martyrs