CitizenLink: Amnesty International Announces Support for Abortion

Critics say life is the most basic human right.

Human rights organization Amnesty
International (AI) has shifted from a neutral stance on abortion to a
positive one, now classifying it as a “human right.” Pro-life groups,
including Democrats for Life, are urging AI to reconsider.

Officially, AI states that it wants women “to be free of fear,
threat and coercion as they manage all consequences of rape and other
grave human rights violations.”

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life, said support
for such a contentious issue is disrespectful to AI’s constituents.

“I just think that’s a great disservice to those who want to
support Amnesty International and the good work they are doing,”
she told Family News in Focus. “The Catholic Bishops have come out and opposed this new idea that they have to include abortion.”

The Catholic Church has said it will suspend financial support to
AI. Molly White, founder of Women for Life International, said AI
should extend the right to life to everyone.

“No matter what their justification,” she said, “abortion kills children and it hurts women.”

In a statement, AI maintained it does not “promote abortion as a
universal right and Amnesty International remains silent on the rights
and wrongs of abortion.”

White took issue with that.

“They can’t say they are not for abortion, but then they
are demanding for abortion to be legal and for women to have the right
to have an abortion,” she said. “If women are being hurt in
wartime because of rape and those kinds of things, then we need to do
more actions to prevent rape and incest.”

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