CitizenLink: Casinos Report Record Profits Following Katrina

Next month marks two years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf
Coast. But, while businesses, churches and residents in the community
struggle to pick up the financial pieces, casinos in New Orleans and
Biloxi report record-setting profits. How is that possible?

Casinos are generating more revenue with fewer players because of
all the financial assistance going to the area, according to Evelio
Silvera with Casino Watch.

“It’s a sad state for every federal taxpayer and for
every insurance customer, because money that’s supposed to
rebuild an area is lining the pockets of a few greedy casino
businessmen,” Silvera told Family News in Focus.

Chad Hills, analyst for gambling research and policy at Focus on the
Family Action, said it’s disheartening to watch the gambling
industry flaunt these earnings.

“The sad thing is the casinos are smiling and whistling all
the way to the bank,” he said, “while these people continue to live in
boxes and under trees.”

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