High school students are the victims.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against
Defamation (GLAAD) has apparently threatened to sue a Tennessee TV
station for airing a report on lesbian gangs attacking students.

Jack Peck, general manager of WPTY in Memphis, said the station
agreed to make some rewrites before the story aired in February, but
that wasn’t enough to satisfy GLAAD.

The story featured an interview with Shelby County Gang Unit
specialist Beverly Cobb, who said girls are being attacked in high
school bathrooms and stairwells by members of a gang called GTO or
“Gays Taking Over.”

“They are forcing themselves on our young girls in all our schools,” Cobb said in the televised report.

The station gave GLAAD an advance viewing of the story. The group declared it “sensationalistic and homophobic.”

Peter LaBarbera, with Americans for Truth, said the station manager told him the group definitely did not want the story to air.

“A senior staffer told him several times, ‘We’re
going to take you to court if you air this report,’ ” he

Similar gang activity is reported in New York, Philadelphia,
Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Linda Jernigan, a former
homosexual, said that’s why GLAAD is making such an issue of the
Memphis story.

“They don’t want this type of information to get out,” she told Family News in Focus,
“because then they know people’s eyes will be opened,
they’ll begin to see this whole situation for what it really

CitizenLink: Gay Activists Try to Stop TV Report on Lesbian Gang Attacks

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