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A Book Review
By Tony

Hollywood Be Thy Name picks up where Ray Comfort’s earlier
book, What Hollywood Believes (Genesis Publishing Group: 2004), left off.
In Hollywood Be Thy Name Comfort explores the reasons why the
Hollywood film industry, which once produced some godly films, has become, by
and large, anti-God. “The average Hollywood production,” Comfort says, “uses the
name of ‘God’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ more than the average sermon.”

If you are not familiar with
Ray Comfort, his ministry, or his writing, you might be tempted to think that
Hollywood Be Thy Name is just another diatribe against a
sinful entertainment industry. You would be wrong. Ray Comfort writes the way he
talks to people — with the concern of a man who deeply cares about the
spiritual condition of everyone he meets. With the same warmhearted style with
which he engages people in conversation, Ray tells the truth. He doesn’t attack
anyone. He simply exposes the lies and the blasphemy of Hollywood with the truth
of God’s Word. There is not a shred of legalism in this important book. Instead,
the book is a clarion call to people everywhere to revere and honor the name of

Comfort skillfully exposes
the beliefs of Hollywood’s elite atheists, evolutionists, and spiritualists. But
he also challenges those Christians who continue to support ungodly movies. Then
he suggests, powerfully, how Christians can effect change. There is one rock
believers have in their hands that can “hit the blaspheming giant [Hollywood]
between the eyes.”

As is the case with all of
Ray Comfort’s books, the gospel is clearly and biblically presented throughout.
The book is replete with Scripture, with each verse and passage carefully
presented in its proper context. Warning: Don’t skim his footnotes! The
footnotes provide interesting trivia, fascinating history, and Scriptural
encouragement. Read every word on every page.

This book will undoubtedly
serve as an encouragement and a challenge to both the Christian and the
unbeliever alike. I will use this book as a tool in both my discipleship and
evangelism efforts.

I have read many books by
many Christian authors during the last twenty years. I can think of several that
have had a profound effect on my growth as a Christian — books that have
brought conviction and a desire to grow in godliness. Hollywood Be Thy Name is such a book. Don’t just read it.
Let its powerful message change your viewing habits and empower you to effect
positive change in our country!

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