An Oregon woman whose lesbian partner gave birth will be listed on the child’s birth certificate as the second parent, The Oregonian reported.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Eric Bloch ruled Friday that Jeana
Frazzini has a legal right to be declared the second parent. K.D.
Parman, who conceived by artificial insemination, is the birth mother.

In his ruling, Bloch said the state constitution does not allow
same-sex marriage, therefore does not provide a remedy for same-sex

Oregon lawmakers passed a domestic-partnership law this year that
will take effect Jan. 1. Bloch said that would solve the so-called

Marylin Brooks, a former state senator and spokeswoman for Defense
of Marriage and Family, said Bloch had to “reach way out there” to
justify his ruling.

“They have a remedy,” she said. “All they have to do is adopt the child.”

Defense of Marriage and Family is collecting signatures in Oregon to
place a measure on the 2008 ballot challenging the domestic-partnership

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