Forever on the offensive, Massachusetts Governor (Deval Patrick) voted again to harm his constituents.

On Thursday, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick
vetoed $41 million in spending approved by the Legislature, including
funding for an abstinence-only education program, The Boston Globe reports.

Among the cuts, Patrick excised a provision that would have allowed
the state to spend $712,000 in federal money on abstinence ed.
Massachusetts has received the grant since 1998, but public health
officials in the administration decided they no longer want the money,
because it can’t be used to teach birth control.

Rebecca Ray, director of Healthy Futures, which teaches abstinence
classes to about 7,000 students, said losing the money would slice her
organization’s budget in half.

“I think it’s tragic that these communities and all these
students are going to miss out on this opportunity,” she told The
Globe. “It’s money that is free to our state, and I know the
administration is certainly looking for other funding from the federal
government, yet they’re turning down these funds.”

CitizenLink: Massachusetts Governor Cuts Abstinence-Education Funding

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