The Rev. Greg Davis, who was arrested in 2006 for
sharing the Gospel on a public New York college campus, was acquitted
of criminal trespassing charges recently. He was represented by
Alliance Defense Fund.

“Christians have the same First Amendment rights as other
citizens,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Brian Raum said in a
statement.  “Thankfully the judge in this case restored the
rule of law and cleared Mr. Davis of the charges, reaffirming that
campus officials were not authorized to eject Mr. Davis from campus for
simply exercising his First Amendment rights by preaching in

Davis was arrested and arraigned on a charge of criminal trespass
after preaching outside on campus at Schenectady County Community
College and handing out religious materials to passersby who would
accept them.

“Our nation’s Founding Fathers placed a high priority on
the ability to express one’s beliefs, both publicly and
privately,” Raum said.

CitizenLink: New York Pastor Acquitted of Trespassing Charge

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