His brother calls for the U.S. to intervene.

Son Jong Nam awaits public execution because
of his faith. For more than a year, the former North Korean Army
officer who became an underground evangelist has been beaten and

His younger brother, Son Jong Hoon, was on Capitol Hill on Thursday
pleading for his brother’s life. He spoke through a translator.

“He really wants to know if he is still alive or not,” the
translator said. “What he doesn’t understand is why North Korea
treats Christians as criminals.”

Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs said Son Jong Nam’s journey has been tragic.

“He was captured at one point in China where he was being discipled and forcibly repatriated to North Korea,” he told Family News in Focus. “He was locked in prison for three years and brutally tortured during that time.”

Five U.S. senators have joined his cause. Sen. Sam Brownback,
R-Kan., called on U.S. and international officials to save his life.

“I would hope we would intervene,” he said. “It’s
just almost unbelievable that in 2007 he would be executed simply for
being a Christian.”

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