From Concerned Women for America:

Sens. Edward Kennedy
(D-Massachusetts) and Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) have found another underhanded way
to push their own agendas.  Yesterday,
they filed their hate crimes bill as an amendment (Amendment 2067) to the
Department of Defense (DOD) Reauthorization Bill (H.R. 1585) currently under
consideration on the Senate floor.  In
doing so, they blatantly promoted the homosexual agenda, which is completely
unrelated to the bill’s focus: national sovereignty and


We have alerted you previously to
the “hate crimes” situation in the House, which passed a nearly identical
version of the legislation, H.R. 1592, by a vote of 237-180 on May 3.  The Senate intended to take up its own bill
but decided this sneak attack was a better option.


“Hate crimes” legislation is both
unnecessary and unconstitutional (see our talking points). The 14th
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees “equal protection under the law”
for all citizens – regardless of their sexual preference.  Hate crimes laws fly in the face  of this bedrock principle of

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