United Methodists, Southern Baptists and other members of the West
Virginia Council of Churches are starting a month of intense lobbying
against the expansion of gambling at Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming
in Nitro, W.Va.

OneNewsNow.com reports that yellow signs urging residents to vote against the measure on Aug. 11 are common across the county.

Churches from a variety of Christian traditions have found common
ground opposing proposed casino-style games such as poker and
blackjack. They warn about the dangers of addiction to gambling and the
negative impact it can have on families.

“West Virginia serves as an excellent model for church activism
against the blight of gambling expansion in our nation,” said Chad
Hills, analyst for gambling research and policy at Focus on the Family
Action. “If more churches can realize that they can legally oppose
gambling expansion in their states and actively speak out against
gambling with one voice, this nation could dramatically shrink this
parasitic industry.”

CitizenLink: West Virginia Christians Unite to Oppose Gambling

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